Oh What A Special Night

The long awaited video song track of hit single Oh What A Special Night is now available at Worshiphouse Kids.  Your preschoolers and young elementary kids will just love making animal sounds while learning about baby Jesus and worshiping Him.

Introducing Treehouse Kids Club

What happens when you cross a gifted artist (Jason Satterwhite) with a talented musician (Dan Lueders)? You get Treehouse Kids Club animated praise music for kids! At Treehouse Kids Club we are committed to creating innovative church media that spreads the positive messages found in the Bible. Designed to get you kids up on their feet worshiping and moving from the very first beat.  With music from the folks at Singin’ Praise Kids and the artistry of Animated Praise, you and your kids will love Treehouse Kids Club. Written by: Sonja DiNanno and Dan Lueders

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About Dan Lueders

A Chicago based songwriter, producer and musician, Dan Lueders has a career that spans 28 years. In the beginning, Dan worked with several Chicago based groups such as XTC, Drive, Kelly and the Playmakers, The Stay Tuned Orchestra and Willow Creek Community Church. Dan has been a regular musical contributor for the the Daily Giz Wiz Podcast with Dick DeBartollo and Leo Laporte and This Week in Fun Podcast with Sarah Lane and Martin Sargent on the twit.tv network. Dan's work includes playing bass with Darlene Czech, Laura Hall, Tommy Walker, John Carlson and Kirk Whalum, among others. As a songwriter/producer Dan is currently on staff as music director for Promiseland Children’s Ministry at Willow Creek Community Church. Also, Dan is a musical contributer for the Annual Willow Creek Association’s Children’s Ministry Conference each spring.

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  1. ABCkids says:

    Is there anywhere I can get the sheet music or guitar chords for this song? We would love the kids to do this song on Christmas!

  2. Hi,
    Is it okay if I do a ukulele tutorial on “Oh what a special night” song? 🙂
    It is a wonderful, fun, upbeat, joyful song for caroling, so a tutorial would help the people who go caroling! Please let me know!

    • Dan Lueders says:

      Hey Beryl,

      Absolutely! Make sure you that you send me a link. 🙂 I’ll have to dust off my uke and play along.


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