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About Dan Lueders

A Chicago based songwriter, producer and musician, Dan Lueders has a career that spans 28 years. In the beginning, Dan worked with several Chicago based groups such as XTC, Drive, Kelly and the Playmakers, The Stay Tuned Orchestra and Willow Creek Community Church. Dan has been a regular musical contributor for the the Daily Giz Wiz Podcast with Dick DeBartollo and Leo Laporte and This Week in Fun Podcast with Sarah Lane and Martin Sargent on the network. Dan's work includes playing bass with Darlene Czech, Laura Hall, Tommy Walker, John Carlson and Kirk Whalum, among others. As a songwriter/producer Dan is currently on staff as music director for Promiseland Children’s Ministry at Willow Creek Community Church. Also, Dan is a musical contributer for the Annual Willow Creek Association’s Children’s Ministry Conference each spring.

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