Join Tom Merritt former host of Buzz Out Loud along with co-hosts Becky Worley (Tech TV, Good Morning America) Sarah Lane (Tech TV, Revision3) and producer Erik Lanigan will breakdown the latest in tech news just in time for the drive home on the east coast. Airs Monday through Friday at 2:30pm PT, 5:30pm ET on TWiT Live, with the show available for download in audio form the same day by 5:30pm PT.

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Promiseland Ringtones

Download all 37 Promiseland ringtones in mp3 and iPhone (m4r) formats, FREE

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Latest Promiseland Early Childhood CD – Shout Hooray

Why Me? Studios is the home of Promiseland Music for Willow Creek Community Church.
If you’re looking for engaging worship music that helps kids grow in Christ, then Shout Hooray is for you! Shout Hooray is a great tool for churches, families and pre-schools. It will have you and your kids worshipping God together, and you’ll be giggling and wiggling from start to finish! Produced by Promiseland, the dynamic children’s ministry of Willow Creek Community Church, and their innovative music team of Dan Lueders, Sonja DiNanno, Marta Johnson, and Nicole Silver, Shout Hooray offers music for pre-toddlers to kindergarten!

Buy Shout Hooray CD

Buy Shout Hooray (download version)

Play Shout Hooray medley

Why Me? Studios – CNET’s Buzz Out Loud Remix Contest Winner… umm me!

Buzz Out Loud was looking for a new theme to kick off and end the shows. My submission won! The show features Molly Wood, Rafe Needleman and producer Jason Howell, along with CNET’s top tech experts reviewing the day’s tech news. Each episode, the crew analyzes, interprets, and argues about what all this technology means and what it’s doing to us. Fans can join in the show by calling 1-800-616-2638, e-mailing at,  or commenting on the blog.

Why Me? Studios – for Kids Hope USA

Kid’s Hope USA offers churches and schools a proven, award-winning model to meet the emotional, social and academic needs of children. KHUSA programs create one-on-one mentoring relationships between adult church members, willing to give a little time and a lot of love, and at-risk elementary schoolchildren in their community who desperately need loving, caring adults in their lives. Utilizing the existing structures of churches and elementary schools as the framework for these programs, KIDS HOPE USA creates successful, sustainable and life-changing church-school partnerships.

In this One Child, One Hour, One Church, One School model, each participating church partners with a single school, and each KHUSA church-sponsored mentor spends one hour each week with their “one-and-only child” at the school.

Why Me? Studios – Featured on

Here’s a clip from The Daily Giz Wiz podcast.  Mad Magazines maddest writer and The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, digs into his massive gadget collection for the gadget of the day, co-hosted by Leo Laporte ( Winner of the 2009 peoples choice award for Best Comedy Podcast. Recorded live every Tuesday at 2:30pm Pacific/5:30pm Eastern at Released every weekday.

Why Me? Studios

Music is magnetic. A memorable musical enticement has the power to catch and hold people’s attention. Let music designed to your requirements amplify the impact of your media projects.

Why Me? Studios delivers high quality custom jingles, podcast themes, bumpers, background music, production music and more.  Crafted from a wide variety of musical styles, backed by live musicians, and brought to life with talented vocals, every audio project fulfills the expectations of even the most discerning music connoisseurs.

We produce custom songs for as little as $150. For a quote or to learn more contact Dan Lueders at

Click here to experience Why Me? Studios’ Jingles and other commercial work.  Click here to listen to some samples.



Promiseland, Willow Creek’s children’s ministry for infants through Grade 5, provides a safe and fun environment where children experience God’s love for them through relevant Bible teaching, drama, music, discussion, and age-appropriate activities.

Learn more about Promiseland


Why Do I Do?

About Dan Lueders

A Chicago based songwriter, producer and musician, Dan Lueders has a career that spans 28 years. In the beginning, Dan worked with several Chicago based groups such as XTC, Drive, Kelly and the Playmakers, The Stay Tuned Orchestra and Willow Creek Community Church. Dan has been a regular musical contributor for the the Daily Giz Wiz Podcast with Dick DeBartollo and Leo Laporte and This Week in Fun Podcast with Sarah Lane and Martin Sargent on the network. Dan's work includes playing bass with Darlene Czech, Laura Hall, Tommy Walker, John Carlson and Kirk Whalum, among others. As a songwriter/producer Dan is currently on staff as music director for Promiseland Children’s Ministry at Willow Creek Community Church. Also, Dan is a musical contributer for the Annual Willow Creek Association’s Children’s Ministry Conference each spring.

3 responses »

  1. Fred says:

    I alwasy knew you were one very talented dude and I am blessed that I can say I knew you when.

    Thanks for sharing your muscial talent, your heart, and your God with the world.


  2. Fred says:

    I always knew you were one very talented dude and I am blessed that I can say I knew you when.

    Thanks for sharing your muscial talent, your heart, and your God with the world.


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