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SPT - Easter_new_shad_corn 300Singin’ Praise Kids have created a new collection of songs for preschool through 1st grade kids that are sure to get their hearts pumpin’ and excited to hear the Easter message. With lots of singalong fun including songs that celebrate Easter… the most special day of the year. And parents will love it too!  Buy


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Singin’ Praise Kids (ages 6 – 12) – $9.99

SPK - You Are Good 200_shad_caption      SPK - Everybody Sing 200_shad_caption      SPK - Nothing's Impossible 200_shad_caption   SPK Make Some Noise_Shad_Caption 200x276

Singin’ Praise Tot (ages 2 – 5) – $9.99

SPT - Reach Up High 200_shad_caption      SPT - Touch The Sky 200_shad_caption      SPT - Shout Hooray 200_shad_caption      SPT - I Am With You 200_shad_caption   SPT - Get The Wiggle Out 200_shad_caption

Video Song Tracks by Singin’ Praise Kids

WorshiphouseKids for SPK 900x200

Available at Worshiphouse Kids

SPK Christmas

SPT - Jump For Joy 200_shad_corn   SPK - Christmas 200_shad_corn

Singin’ Praise Kids Merchandise

DizzyJam-mens t   DizzyJam-womens t    SPK DizzyJam-Hoodie     DizzyJam-cup

Singin’ Praise Tots Merchandise

SPT DizzyJam-Mens T    SPT DizzyJam-Womens T    SPT DizzyJam-Hoodie    SPT DizzyJam-Mug

SPK Text and Images 570

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  1. Bridgett says:

    Is there any way to get the words to the songs?

  2. ren says:

    I got all this songs off line but I need words how can I get them?

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